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System Cleaning

Does your central heating system have cold spots, a noisy boiler or little or no hot water?

It may be contaminated with rust, sludge and lime scale which can clog pipes and reduce water flow in the central heating system. This can cause: • Pump failure   • Valve failure   • Reduced effeciency
All of which will cost you money.

We can PowerClean your central heating system using the ADEY MagnaCleanse system to remove all contaminants. Your system will be refreshed and have scale and corrosion inhibitor added to give long term protection.

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Before System Clean System cleaning before

After System Clean System cleaning after

Gas Safe Registered and OFTEC Registered engineer. Highly experienced and fully qualified to handle the servicing of your boiler. We can service all types of oil and gas boilers, including open vent, condensing boilers, non-condensing boilers & combination boiler 'combi'.

You should never attempt to service or repair your own boiler. It is illegal for non Gas Safe registered engineers to work on gas systems and it is recommended that a registered OFTEC engineer works on an oil heating boiler.